Shoebox LED Area Lights

Fill a large area with reliable, bright light using Sunco Shoebox LED Area Lights with Dusk to Dawn technology. Designed for outdoor use, the durable, aluminum alloy housing is IP65 rated and waterproof. Our Shoebox LED replacement lights offer a fast install. Includes an adjustable slip fitter mount for round poles. Provides instant on, bright lighting with a wide beam angle. Adjust the position of the head to place the light where you need it. Using the latest technology, these area lights feature Dusk to Dawn technology and a built in sensor to turn the light on at night and turn off the light during the day. No timer needed. It also includes enhanced heat dissipation. The heat sink pulls warmth away from the driver and LED through convection holes in the housing to cool the fixture with ambient air. 
The Sunco Shoebox LED 200W Parking Lot Light includes an adjustable slip fitter for round poles and a removable Dusk to Dawn or D2D unit on the top of the light. This automates your LED so it will light up when light is absence and turn off when light returns.

Shoebox LED 200W Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn

Sunco Lighting

Adjustable slip fitter mounts on round pole. Offers 1-10V dimming.