Sunco Cares Charitable Contribution Q1 2020
Promoting a Sustainable Future
Sunco Lighting donates to worthy conservation organizations on a regular basis through our Sunco Cares program. See what sustainable charity work was supported by a portion of your purchase in the first quarter of 2020.
5 Ways to Update Your Lighting
Change it Up!

Reduce your energy consumption, add your own color or a vintage style to a room, have lights turn on without a timer, and increase the task lighting in your garage with the suggestions in this helpful list blog.

Types of LED Recessed Lighting and Downlights
Which Downlight Suits You?

So, you want a downlight? With lots of choices, finding the right one may take time. Let us save you time and energy. Here’s a quick overview of our recessed cans and LED downlights collection.

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Your LED purchase not only helps you conserve energy, additionally it supports a larger green initiative at home and abroad. Sunco makes charitable donations throughout the year to worthy conservation organizations.