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Keep the bugs away with a Sunco LED Bulb Yellow Bug Light while you save energy. This natural insect repellant deters insects with a yellow hue that is harder for bugs to see than a cool blue light. Its lower heat emission, compared to an incandescent bulb, will also help reduce the flying pests near your light. A15 is great as a low blue comfort light or dimmable night light. The energy efficient Sunco Yellow Bug Light also functions as a sleep aid to increase melatonin and adjust your sleep-wake cycle instead of the blue light spectrum that can boost alertness.

Sunco Lighting A19 Dusk to Dawn Yellow LED Bulb repels insects. This 9W bug repellent LED light bulb has a long lifespan and offers 480 lumens of warm, yellow hued light. The bulb includes a D2D photocell sensor to detect light levels and automatically turn on or turn off the light, depending on the light detected. It turns off at dawn and on at night. No timer needed and you also save money on your electrical bill by using the bulb only when it is needed most.

A19 LED Bulb, Yellow Bug Light, Dusk to Dawn

Sunco Lighting

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Auto turns on/off with D2D sensor. Great for porches or as a cozy night light.