Emergency & Exit Signs

Emergency lighting systems improve safety in your school, office, restaurant or retail business. Two rotatable flood lights on the Sunco LED Exit Sign provide backup light during an emergency. Exit and directional signs require bright light, and LEDs deliver dependable, high output with long lasting and readily visible LED bulbs. Each Exit Sign includes an extra face plate to convert from single to double sided for wall or ceiling mount options. Emergency lights suit stairwells and rooms without windows to provide light in a blackout, power outage, or power loss. The battery backup on each fixture automatically illuminates the LEDs to light the way to safety. Safety lighting is important for first responders, customers, and employees. With simple install and long lifetime hours, you can add safety lighting where you need it.
The Sunco 2 Head LED Exit Sign features a bright US standard red letter signage with knockout directional arrows and 2 faceplates so you can either mount it on a ceiling or on a wall. Includes 2 LED heads or LED lamps on either side of the sign that are adjustable. Reposition them to shine the emergency light where you need it during a power outage. Includes a 90-minute backup battery for emergency safety light in indoor, high traffic areas.

2 Head LED Exit Sign (Red), Floodlight

Sunco Lighting

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      Automatically lights up during power outage for safety lighting. For indoor use.