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Browse Sunco LED Shop Lights for garage, business or home to buy flush mount or wire suspended styles. Choose from clear or frosted tubes, flush mounted wraparound shop lights, or a prismatic lens for wide beam distribution. Power Sunco Shop Lights from a single power source with these linkable lights. Switch to LED and replace fluorescent tubes with energy efficient and bright LED light to save time and money. LEDs are the better alternative. Ideal for workshops, garages, utility or commercial applications.

Sunco Wraparound LED Shop Light is a direct wire, flush mounted light fixture. It features a diffuser as a cover to help diffuse the light and make it softer. The end cap contains a linking plug so you can link up to 8 shop lights together from one power source. These shop lights only consume 40W and are equivalent to a 300W fixture. That is a lot of energy savings! Especially when you know this fixture has a 50,000 hour lifespan.

LED Shop Light, Wraparound

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  Daisy chain up to 8. Direct mount to ceiling. Fast install. Includes hardware.