LED light fixtures for every aspect of your work and home life. Explore Sunco LED lighting fixtures with Shop Lights to fit LED Tubes, Wall Packs for outdoor illumination, LED Wall Sconces, recessed lighting for your ceiling, and a long lasting Exit sign for increased safety at school or office. LEDs are the better alternative to traditional bulbs and old style fluorescent tubes.
The 15W Disk LED Downlight from Sunco Lighting is a recessed lighting solution without a recessed can. Simply hardwire to your junction box for a flush mount direct wire LED downlight. You can use it with a recessed can instead, if you prefer. The slim profile of this downlight is great for residential or commercial applications in offices, restaurants, and retail spaces. Easy to install with 5-inch or 6-inch junction boxes. Available in 2700K-6000K. Bulk Buying Options.

Recessed LED Lighting, 5/6-Inch, Disk Downlight, 15W

Sunco Lighting

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      IC rated for fire safety. Fast install with direct wire to J-box or can. CRI90+.