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The long lasting Sunco LED Bulb BR-Series (BR20, BR30, BR40) features a wide flood beam angle of 110° that produces soft, diffused light. With an E26 base, the BR LED bulb (BR30, BR40) is compact to fit in a 5-6” Recessed Can, while the BR20 LED Bulb fits in a 4” Can. This series also includes an LED Smart Bulb for light control, millions of color choices, and much more. Make the switch to LED today, so you can start saving money and time with replacement bulbs in your downlight canisters. LEDs are the better alternative.

Sunco BR30 LED Bulb is a durable light bulb with a long lifespan to reduce your relamping time and save on maintenance hour expenses. This energy efficient LED light bulb is a wide flood with a 110 degree beam angle for wall washes and area lighting. The LED is suitable for 5-inch or 6-inch cans and can easily reduce your wattage consumption when compared to traditional bulbs. This LED bulb consumes only 11W and is a 65W equivalent. Bulk Buying available.

BR30 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

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          Instant on, dimmable light for 5- or 6-inch cans. 11W equivalent to 65W.