Sunco 80W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light shown suspended on chains and included "V" hooks. Hanging chains are included for suspension of the light fixture. Great for indoor gardening and horticulture for year round indoor grow facilities and the home gardener. Fast install with our easy installation manual and the included mounting equipment. A plug and play grow light for indoor farming. Great for greenhouses or indoor hydroponic grow setup.
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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 80W

Sunco Lighting

Grow indoors with full spectrum light. Simple install.

Sunco Corn Bulb LED Bulb, 50W hero graphic with E26 base and omnidirectional LED chips.

LED Corn Bulb, 50W

Sunco Lighting

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    50W replacement for 350W HID. Wet rated LED with 5500 lumens for exterior use.

Sunco LED Wall Pack 80W is IP65 rated for outdoor wet areas. Easy to install. Includes a prismatic cover to spread bright 7600 lumens in a wide light beam. With a 10-year warranty, 120/277V, and 50,000 hours lifetime this LED light fixture is appropriate for all commercial applications. Use it for your docking bays, side alleys, landscape walkways, driveways, storage units, garden paths, retail entrances, and other places where you need bright, reliable light.

LED Wall Pack, 80W

Sunco Lighting

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IP65 rated for bright (7600lm) outdoor light. Quick install! 400W equivalent.