The Sunco 3 Head Security Light provides automated, bright 3600 lumens LED light at night. It includes a sensor to detect motion then automatically turn on/off the light, based on how you program the time setting and the distance or motion sensitivity levels. Featuring 3 adjustable LED heads, this light is airtight and wet rated for exterior use. The IP65 rating means you can add it to garages, walls, entryways, alleys, parking garages for bright light where you need it most.
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3 Head Security Light, Dusk to Dawn, Motion

Sunco Lighting

1 reviews

      Bright safety light. D2D sensor turns on/off at night with detected motion.

G25 LED Globe Filament Bulb shown without illumination so you can see the LED filaments inside the glass bulb with the E26 base.

G25 LED Bulb, Filament

Sunco Lighting

1125 reviews

      Wet rated with glass globe for outdoor decorative chandelier or pendants.

Sunco LED Wall Pack 80W is IP65 rated for outdoor wet areas. Easy to install. Includes a prismatic cover to spread bright 7600 lumens in a wide light beam. With a 10-year warranty, 120/277V, and 50,000 hours lifetime this LED light fixture is appropriate for all commercial applications. Use it for your docking bays, side alleys, landscape walkways, driveways, storage units, garden paths, retail entrances, and other places where you need bright, reliable light.

LED Wall Pack, 80W

Sunco Lighting

147 reviews

IP65 rated for bright (7600lm) outdoor light. Quick install! 400W equivalent.

The Sunco Lighting PAR20 LED Bulb with its E26 base is waterproof for outdoor lighting applications. The dimmable bulb works great for spotlighting trees, signs, or sculptures in your landscaping, along with highlighting architectural details. This 7W bulb is a 50W equivalent to help reduce your electric bills when compared to a traditional light bulb. Inside you can use it for highlighting paintings, artwork, or architectural details as a track lighting or recessed lighting solution.

PAR20 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

81 reviews

    Waterproof PAR20 LED for garden, kitchen or bath. 7W bulb equivalent to 50W.

Sunco PAR30 LED Bulb with an E26 base is dimmable, IP65 rated so it is wet rated for outdoor use. Ideal as a spotlight with its narrow light beam. Ideal as a spotlight with its narrow 40-degree light beam. This is an 11W bulb that is a 75W equivalent. You can choose various color temperatures to suit your needs, from warm 2200K to cool 6000K.

PAR30 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

133 reviews

      Long life 11W PAR30 LED equivalent to 75W. Waterproof and dimmable.

IP65 rated Sunco PAR38 LED Bulb offers a bright 1050 lumens in a narrow spotlight for accenting architectural features or landscaping in outdoor lighting, due to its wet rating. Includes an E26 base. The narrow spot light beam of 40-degrees allows you to highlight specific areas of your home interior or exterior lighting. Also great for commercial buildings and signage.

PAR38 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

307 reviews

      Long life 13W is equivalent to 100W. Waterproof and dimmable.

This Sunco Lighting LED light bulb is a convenient solar garden light. It features a long pole and a stake to secure it to the ground. It is waterproof for exterior use. The solar powered LED sits above the grass to light your yard. Includes battery and a stake to secure the garden path light to your grass or dirt garden area. Ideal for pathways or planters or flower beds. Note the durable, steel pipe in the middle that raises the light above your walkway and the solar panel on top.

Solar LED Garden Lights

Sunco Lighting

47 reviews

          Raised LED for paths, poolside, and planters. Decorative and sun powered.