4 inch New Construction Recessed Can


Sunco Lighting 4 inch New Construction LED Light Can Air Tight IC Housing, Recessed Lights, LED Downlight, Retrofit Spotlight, Electrician Prefered - UL Listed and Title 24 Certified (TP24)

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UPC 810000070473 (1 pack)
UPC 810000070480 (3 pack)
UPC 810000070497 (5 pack)
UPC 810000070503 (7 pack)
UPC 810000070510 (8 pack)
UPC 810000070527 (9 pack)
UPC 810000070534 (11 pack)
UPC 810000070541 (13 pack)
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UPC 810000070572 (16 pack)
UPC 810000070589 (17 pack)
UPC 810000070596 (18 pack)
UPC 810000070602 (19 pack)
UPC 810000070619 (20 pack)

  • Top Rated LED New Construction Cans
  • UL LSITED & T24 CERTIFICATION - The UL certification stamp is a sign of a better quality product. This product has gone through many tests before getting its approval which makes it the safest LED housing for your home and family. Because IC rated fixtures minimize moisture condensation, they reduce the need for electrician call outs and other repairs. Standard LED plug INCLUDED.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Fast, easy, and secure install with Quick Connect wiring connectors INCLUDED in junction box.
  • APPLICATIONS - Home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Basement, Office, Scool, Retail Space, and Moreā€¦
  • AIR TIGHT & IC RATED - Give protection from overheating and fires caused by hot light fixtures. They are specifically rated and tested to be installed into ceilings with insulated roof space, and can safely be in direct contact with insulation.