11Watt 4-Inch Retrofit Baffle


SUNCO 10 PACK - 11Watt 4"- Inch ENERGY STAR UL-Listed Dimmable LED Downlight Retrofit Baffle Recessed Lighting Kit Fixture, 3000K Warm White LED Ceiling Light, Wet Location -- 660LM, CRI 90

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Product ID EAN# 7079189133468 (1 pack)
Product ID UPC# 726630039288 (10 pack)

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Product ID: UPC# 726630036683 (10 Pack)

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Product ID UPC#726630039721 (10 pack)

✔ DIMMABLE: compatible with most LED dimmers, using an internal driver, no external ballast or starter needed. Set the light to any mood you desire. EASY INSTALLATION: Comes with E26 base adapter and 2pcs flip mounting clips, fits most 4inch metal cans for retro-fit installation

✔ CONSERVE ENERGY: Using SUNCO’S LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit can reduce energy use by as much as 90%. Improving energy efficiency can reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, mercury contamination in lakes, acid rain, and nuclear waste. Super BRIGHT light, SAVES energy, and LOWERS electric costs: 11W (40W Halogen Equivalency), LASTS over 32 years, SAVES $108 per lamp.

✔ CERTIFICATION: UL-LISTED and ENERGY STAR qualified, ROHS, and Meets T24 Requirements. Most states will not allow electricians or home owners to install LED lighting products that have not been tested by a certification laboratory. This UL LISTED LED bulb meets all regulatory requirements. The UL CERTIFICATION is indication of a superior quality product that has passed numerous tests before getting its approval. ENERGY STAR listed meets strict efficiency, quality, and lifetime criteria.

✔ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Reduce re-lamp frequency. Lifespan over 35,000 hours. One of the highest standard retrofits on the market; Preferred by most contractors and electricians. Guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE