5/6" LED RETROFIT KIT - BAFFLE 13WATT (60W Equivalent), DIMMABLE, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, 830 Lumens, UL & ENERGY STAR LISTED

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  • ✔ UL-listed and ENERGY STAR qualified, and Meets Title 24 Requirments, ROHS
  • ✔ Easy installation: comes with E26 base adapter, fits most 5" cans.
  • ✔ 60 Watt Halogen Equivalency. Lasts over 37 years. Saves $207 PER LAMP. Wet Location (Could be used outdoor and in showers)
  • ✔ Dimmable: compatible with most LED dimmers, using an internal driver, no external ballast or starter needed

This 13 watt 5/6" downlight module is for both new and retrofit construction. One of the Highest CRI on the market...(CRI) is a scale from 0 to 100 percent indicating how accurate a "given" light source is at rendering color when compared to a "reference" light source. With a higher CRI, the better the color rendering ability and a more realistic look.

It installs easily in most standard four inch recessed housings, including IC and non-IC units.
The unit generates warm light with built-in LEDs that offer a natural warm light with high energy savings.
With an average usage at 5 hours a day, you could get over 32 years of life and $227 savings out of a single light
This design is also conveniently affordable, making it our best and most competitive 5/6" LED retrofit kit on the market.
The LED down light series is designed for direct light with UL and ENERGY STAR standards.
LED retrofit module is dimmable works with all major LED and incandescent dimmers.

Product Features

Actual Wattage: 13W
Replacement Wattage: 60W
Life (Hours): 35,000
Brightness (Lumens): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K= 800LM and 5000K=830LM
Energy Saving: 90%
Color Temp: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Earth Friendly Attributes: Energy Saving, Long Lasting, Mercury Free
Dimmable: Yes
Quality: High
Warranty: 5 years