Sunco Lighting T8 Frosted
Sunco Lighting T8 Frosted
Sunco Lighting T8 Frosted
Sunco Lighting T8 Frosted

T8 LED Tube Frosted


T8 LED Tube Light 4ft 48", 18W, 2,000 Lumens, Ballast Bypass, Fluorescent Replacement Light Lamp, Clear Cover, UL, ETL, DLC, 1 Sided Connection

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Product ID: UPC B01CQ2ZKZO (10 Pack)


Product Benefits

✔ Beam Angle 120 Degrees, Suitable for dry and damp environments. Input voltage is AC100-277 without ballast. Efficiency without ballast -more than 125 LPW

✔ Save up to 50% on your energy bills

✔ Design Lights Consortium (DLC), UL and ELT approved

✔ Bulbs do NOT work with T8 ballast or T12 ballast

✔ Preferred by most contractors, electricians, and homeowners

Product Specifications

Length: 4ft 48"

Watts: 18W

Color: 4000K/Cool White or 5000K/Day Light

Lumens: 200 Lumens

Cover: Frosted

Product dimensions: 49 x 4.9 x 2.4 inches

Certifications: UL, ETL, DLC

Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Other: One Sided Connection, No UV Emission. Ideal replacement lighting for 4ft fluorescent tubes most commonly seen in classrooms, parking lots, medical buildings, office spaces, retail spaces and warehouse lighting.