GFCI Outlet Receptacle

UL Listed, GFCI Outlet Receptacle, 15-Amp, Tamper-Resistant, 2 Pole, 3- Wire grounding duplex receptacle, Duplex 125-Volt, 125V AC only, 20A feed through, White housing/buttons, LED Indicator, Safe Lock Protection, Compliant with Highest Safety Requirements.


Produt Benefits

✔ Wall Plate Included
✔ With Safe lock protection functions this GFCI safety is improved.
✔ Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protects you from electric shock- This particular GFCI has been through rigorous tests to ensure the highest standard of safety which makes it more than complaint with UL standards
✔ For extra measures for safety this GFCI includes an end-of-life monitoring function
✔ Easy installation!

Product Specifications

  • UL Listed GFCI Outlet Receptacle 15-Amp Tamper-Resistant 2 Pole, 3- Wire grounding duplex receptacle Duplex 125-Volt 125V AC only 20A feed through White housing/buttons LED Indicator Safe Lock Protection Compliant with Highest Safety Requirements