Sunco Lighting G25 - 6W Dimmable LED Bulb, 40W Equivalent Vanity Light Bulb, Cool White, Medium E26 Screw Base Omnidirectional Globe Bulb

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✔ Super BRIGHT light, SAVES energy, and LOWERS electric costs; Contains NO Mercury; Emits NO UV/IR Light. Not only better for your home, but better for our environment too. This 6 watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent bulb. Plus, they are more efficient, more durable, and require much less maintenance than a regular bulb.
✔ DIMMABLE & UL LISTED: Most states will not allow electricians or home owners to install LED products that have not been tested by a certification laboratory. This UL LISTED LED bulb meets all regulatory requirements. The UL certification is indication of a superior quality product that has passed numerous tests before getting its approval. Guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures. The dimmable feature allows you to dim the light to set any mood you'd like.
✔ EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE; One of the highest standard bulbs on the market; Save more and get MORE out of your bulb with this 2015 Award Winning G25. Much better efficiency and a very long life span. ENERGY STAR Listed for much better efficiency and a very long life span. ENERGY STAR Listed: more efficient and lasts longer.
✔ REDUCE RE-LAMP FREQUENCY: This LED light has an exceptional operational life time expectation of over 15,000 hours. Because of the long life span, and unlike a standard light, these lights will require less maintenance. You will spend less time, energy and money in purchasing, stocking, and changing your lights. Join us in saving our planet, one light bulb at a time.

Light your home with the long lasting Sunco Lighting G25 light bulb. Uses 90% less power than a typical incandescent light, while maintaining the same level of brightness. With a 23 year lifespan, never worry about changing light bulbs again. Our low re-lamp frequency rate makes our G25 one of the best bulbs on the market.

Comfortable Light
The Sunco Lighting G25 bulb uses a non-glare light that gently illuminates your surroundings while comfortable on tired eyes.

Best In Its Class
Our G25 light bulb features smooth, quiet, and flicker-free dimming, to set any mood you like. Our bulb is 100% Mercury, Lead, UV, and IR-free.
Will not fade out artwork and textiles being illuminated. Light up your bathroom with minimal shadows and wall-to-wall lighting.

Product Specifications:

Base Type: E26
Dimmable : Yes
Luminous Intensity: 450lm
Watts: 6W
CRI: 80
Voltage: 120V
Halogen Equivalent: 40W